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Korea Local Education Institute

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Korea Local Education Institute

Purpose of Establishment

The Korea Local Education Institute, one of the Policy Focus Institutes approved by the Ministry of Education Research Institute, was established to play a role as a hub for local education by building up the best center for local education in the world. The Institute sets it the vision and goal to support the policy making for the development of local education autonomy (Think-tank for successful promotion of local education policy) and to vitalize the local education through innovation of local education.

Major Activities

The Institute carries out the foundation tasks and nonscheduled issues related education policy which has been designated by the Ministry of Education, and performs continually the consistent researches according to ‘Vision and Plan for Education Development’ of the Institute. And the institute provides plans for buildup school management and learning system for the sake of vitalization of public education. The Korea Local Education Institute functions as the core research institution to create the driving force to develop and grow local education and to maximize educational potential capability of the local communities.