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Agricultural Science&Technology Research Institute

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Agricultural Science&Technology Research Institute

Purpose of Establishment

Agricultural science is a life science which can support human survival. The Agricultural Science and Technology Research Institute was established to carry out the researches on theoretical and applied theories related to the basic agricultural cultivation technology, the protection of agricultural environment and related plants and animals, the processing and marketing of agricultural products, the formation of production foundation and mechanization, and other activities related to agriculture or rural life. Thus, the Institute contributes to the development of general agriculture and the university education through the enlargement of international exchange.

Major Activities

  • Survey and research management for the technology development and advancement related to the entire areas of the agricultural and biotechnology science
  • Technology supply and cutting-edge technology for the development of agricultural field
  • Development of local and foreign agriculture
  • Publication of academic journals and holding of academic conferences and seminars
  • Other activities related to the purpose of the Institute

Organization and Function

  • Thermal Energy Research Center: Research on the rural thermal energy, agricultural power and automation
  • The Center for Foreign Agriculture and International Cooperation and Development: Development of aid for foreign agriculture and rural community, the development of bio-energy and bio-resources and the business entry, and research on management consulting related to international trade such as exporting agricultural products
  • Annual Ring Research Center: Research on ecology, age dating of archaeological wood and reconstruction of paleoclimate by using annual rings
  • Bio-industry Consulting Center: Supporting to start business, providing services of business agency, marketing and management consulting
  • Agriculture and Bio-Science Center: Research on agricultural life and bio-agriculture
  • Department of Agricultural Production: Research on production technology of plants and animals
  • Department of Agricultural Environment: Research on preservation of agricultural environment and on other subjects related to protection of animals and plants
  • Department of Agricultural Process: Research on utilization of process of main and by-products of agriculture, forestry and livestock
  • Department of Management Information: Research on agricultural management and informatization
  • Department of Planning and Management: Planning activities and publication of academic journals, activities related to academic conferences, local agricultural development, and international cooperation