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Cheongju City Symbol

Emblem of Cheongju City

it means to stand for a beautiful metropolis of green environment with cultural and artistic tradition and abundant historic relics with, of course, energetic community rejoicing in happy life.
The upper half of the city emblem: The image of the upper half of the emblem is to symbolize the firm will of Cheongju citizens to meet the developing society of the 21 century of the world village.
The lower half of the city emblem: The image of the lower half of the emblem is to symbolize the cultural background of Cheongju city rejoicing in the prestige of the place where the metal type printing was used for the first time in the world by means of the discovered an ancient Buddhist text book of 'Jikji', actually printed in 1337 A.D.

Character of Masco, named as Jamodorit

Character of Mascot/ named as Jamodori

Jamodori is a word combined with two words; Jamo means alphabets or letters, while -dori for a genetic appellation of kids. With this connotation, the character of Jamodori is to symbolize the cultural background of Cheongju to have produced the Buddhist text named "Jikji", printed by metal printing types for the first time in the world printing history.

  • The rally of the characters : to symbolize unity and reconciliation
  • The flexible movement of the characters : to symbolize adaptability and will power
  • The natural movement of the characters : to symbolize unaffected attitude of the community friendly toward environment and humane society of the future Cheongju.
City flower, White Magnolia

City flower/White Magnolia

The beautiful white buds of the magnolia burst open in the early spring.
symbolizing the pure and cooperative spirits of the citizens Cheongju, full of dignity and hope

City tree, Zelkova

City tree/Zelkova

Grows straight, therefore, it symbolizes the honest and pure spirits of the citizens with expectations of well-balanced development for Cheongju. The strong wood represents self-protection; "Preparation brings forth no regrets"

City bird, Magpie

City bird/Magpie

In korean culture, the magpie is called the beautiful bird of good luck. Upon spotting one you should expect good news to follow soon after. The Magpie is loved very much by every Korean and symbolizes the friendly and well-mannered attitude of the citizens and the city's cultural and educational aspects.

The Citizens'sCharacter

The Citizens's Character

Cheongju is known as a city of history, culture, and learning. I, a citizen of Cheongju, will try hard to become a citizen of strong conviction and pride and a citizen of action, committing to the following;

  • 1. I will work to enhance the nation based on our beautiful tradition.
  • 2. I will fulfill my social responsibility and hew out a career for myself.
  • 3. I will become a polite and good citizen who puts public interests first.
  • 4. I will try to live frugally and diligently in order to achieve an affluent society.
  • 5. I will work with faith in and in cooperation with my local community for its betterment.