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Dept. of Engineering chemistry

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The department of industrial chemistry conducts theoretical education and practice on the basic scientific theories and engineering theories required to understand overall chemical materials used in industrial processes, including cutting-edge new materials, the synthesis, manufacturing and processing of materials used for chemical products directly related to our daily lives. Theoretical studies are complemented by practice courses.

The basic subjects of the department are organic chemistry, inorganic chemistry, physics and chemistry and instrumental analysis. And for subjects required for majors, there are organic industrial chemistry, inorganic industrial chemistry, industrial biological chemistry, catalytic engineering and complex materials. There are also courses designed for certification, such as comprehensive design of industrial chemistry, procedure and design of organic units, procedure and design of inorganic units, chemistry of polymers and its design, electric chemistry and design. By taking courses required for majors, expert knowledge is gained and the entry into field of applied chemistry is facilitated for our graduates.