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Research Institute of Human Psychology

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Institute for Human Psychology

Background of Establishment

Having started as one of the Foundation Studies at first, the psychology has advanced into diverse fields such as education, industry, medical treatment, crimes, and etc. Now it has developed to one of the applied science, so that it is applied to and used by diverse kinds of areas. Thus the psychology attracts characteristically a lot of interest from both professional and general persons. Accordingly it has developed to the direction where the quality of life of the moderns is improved and the social problems are reduced.

Purpose of Establishment

The Institute for Human Psychology was established to promote the development of professional studies in diverse areas of psychology, and to provide the local community with practical assistance on this ground. The Institute introduces psychology accurately to the general persons in the local community, and to help them to acquire academic interest and knowledge on this foundation. Furthermore, the institute carries out the popularization of psychology and promotion of mutual relationship with the local community. And the institute provides a foundation upon which professional experts are trained and ultimately psychology is developed.

Major Activities

  • Developing and applying forensic psychology: modeling judge as a scientist for the sake of fact finding
  • From Fractal to Artwork: science of beautifulness
  • Performing various national research tasks
  • Supporting psychological treatment of victims of disaster
  • Growing and training psychological experts
  • Providing services of psychological test and psychological counseling in the near future