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Institute of China Studies

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Institute of China Studies

Purpose of Establishment

Chungbuk National University's Chinese Studies Research Institute aims to conduct a comprehensive and professional study of regional studies in Chinese and Chinese languages, literature, culture, society, institutions, history, economics, politics, and related academic, education, and exchange projects. The institute collects, organizes, analyzes, and contributes to academic development and national development by collecting, compiling, and providing the results of the latest information and data related to Chinese regional studies.The institute will establish and provide a database for regional studies in China and will actively utilize the translation and regional studies center to serve as a hub for the Chungcheong area's stronghold of Chinese studies.

Major Activities

Having Division of Study, Research Center of Research and Center of Regional Research, ICS performs such activities as studies of language and literature, culture, society, history, economy, politics, foundation studies of humanities, studies of Chinese social infrastructure, joint academic research and academic conferences, construction of community information system and service, Academic exchange with domestic and international research institutes, diverse academic activities, and etc.