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Vision and Objectives

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The benefits of a creative community

  • Demand for innovation that befits the era of creative economy and convergence and that goes beyond the traditional concept of a university
  • Seeking cooperative measures with the national government, local government, local businesses and the local community
  • Realizing the values of co- development based on open communication, cooperation and co- growth
  • Playing the role of a center for fostering creative talent

Three factors that make a creative community

Fostering of Creative talent

  • Fostering of talent that can touch upon multiple disciplines for problem- solving
  • Realization of a creative educational community

Creative Learning Network

  • National government, local government, local community, faculty and students
  • A learning community of alumni

Cluster of Creative Research

  • Policies, administration, research centers
  • Development of creative technology and promotion of regional growth through collaboration with industries

Flowchart for realizing a creative community

Flowchart for realizing a creative community
Phase 1 (2014- 2015)
  • A hub university in the new metropolitan area
  • Reinforced education and research capabilities
  • Established brand value
Phase 2 (2016- 2017)
  • Creative education community
  • Creative education innovation / globalization
Phase 3 (2018- )
  • World- class creative community
  • Open university/a hub for creative knowledge

Keywords for creative community


Communication: Cooperation and dialogue for progress

  • - Communication with the local community
  • - Communication with the government
  • - Communication with the business community
  • - Communication with students/staff/faculty

Consideration: Consideration of all stakeholders

  • - Consideration for students
  • - Consideration for staff
  • - Consideration for the faculty
  • - Consideration for alumni
  • - Consideration for the local community

Creativity: Creativity: capability to overcome challenge

  • - Creative financial capability
  • - Creative educational capability
  • - Creative research capability
  • - Creative welfare capability
  • - Creative cultural capability

Convergence: discovery of new opportunities

  • - Convergence of education and research
  • - Convergence with government policies
  • - Convergence with the local community
  • - Convergence between academia, research,
      industry and government

Core values: A hub university that leads society

  • - A knowledge- oriented university
  • - A talent- oriented university
  • - A research- oriented university
  • - A creative capabilities- oriented university

Open university: an open university that goes beyond the constraints of time and space

  • - A cloud that links academia, research, industry
      and government
  • - A cloud that incorporates the body of knowledge
       of the university
  • - A cloud that incorporates the research of the
  • - A cloud that incorporates the information of the


  • Overall ranking: Within top 100 universities in Asia, within top 10 universities in Korea
  • Faculty and research: Within top 10 universities in Korea, 1st in terms of increase rate of papers published in grade SCI/SSCI
  • Employee welfare: Among the leading group of national universities
  • Employment rate of graduates: 1st in the category of “hub” national universities
  • Globalization: Within top 30 in Korea and The 1st among all national universities in terms of increase rate
  • Financial capability: Among the leading group of national universities (Proactive luring of projects from national and local governments)
  • Development fund (including donation facilities): 50 Billion Won

Top 10 initiatives (with a total of 268 projects)

  • 1 Fostering of well-rounded individuals
  • 2 Proactive and strategic globalization
  • 3 Reinforced innovation and research
  • 4 Realization of a sound welfare community
  • 5 Supply of a stable and sound financial structure
  • 6 Advanced administrative services
  • 7 Realization of a hub university in the new metropolitan area
  • 8 Enhancement of the university’s vision and brand image
  • 9 Establishment of a development strategy for the university campus
  • 10 Identification of Collegial tasks