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College of Social Sciences

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Introduction of the Faculty

Established in 1977, the College of Social Sciences consists of six departments: the department of sociology, department of psychology, department of public administration, department of political science, department of economics and department of local governance and public administration. With a curriculum that focuses on the scientific theoretical research on matters concerning mankind, the society, country and the economy, as well as practical application of theories, the College aims to foster experts that the Korean society is in high demand of.

The College continues to build on its theoretical education in each field as well as on-site education and practice in order to seek policy solutions for the various issues faced by today’s countries, societies, economies and individuals.

A library, experiment lab, reference room and multi-media lab are also operated to help promote students’ capabilities in research analysis and use of information technologies as required in this age of globalization and IT.

Over its 37 year history, the College has graduated more than 7,290 students, most of whom are actively working in various fields such as government institutions, corporations, financial institutions, educational institutions, research centers and the media. Some have become public leaders, guiding the nation, a company or the local community.

Applications are received by department. Double majors, associated majors and minors are allowed to provide students with a wider range of options.