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College of Business

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Introduction of the Faculty

Established in 1987, the College of Business Management at Chungbuk University has contributed to the nurturing of talent and the studies of various issues in the field of business management and economics, which are in high demand in the era where globalization, information communication technology, and localization has gained an ever increasing importance. By presenting and delivering on a new business philosophy fit for this contemporary era, the College has seen many of its graduates become experts in the field, and in turn contribute to the nation’s progress and welfare. With a faculty of 42 professors in various majors, the College offers in-depth and high quality education and research.

Through collaboration projects with businesses, its research center for industry and management and its 11 sub-centers, it has also been giving back to the local community and contributing to the development of the local economy.

College of Business Management consists of the department of business management, department of international business management, department of business management and information and department of tech business management, covering a wide range of areas for balanced research and development in the field of business management.