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College of Engineering

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Introduction of the Faculty

College Engineering aims to nurture high quality engineers high in demand in this era of a knowledge-based society. With a focus on information, expertise and globalization, its educational values are forward-looking.

Since the department of chemical engineering was first established in 1967, College of Engineering has expanded to include two divisions (division of civil engineering and division of mechanical engineering) and eight departments (department of chemical engineering, department of new material engineering, department of architecture, department of safety engineering, department of environmental engineering, department of industrial chemistry, department of urban engineering and department of architectural engineering) with approximately 2,600 students enrolled. With a faculty of about 80 professors, the College continues to strive in new areas of research and teaching. The graduate course has grown to enroll 250 students in the master’s course and 100 students in the doctoral course at present.

Under the Korean government’s initiative to specialize each college in engineering, our school’s department of civil engineering and architectural engineering were selected in 1979 as candidates for further specialization through government support. In 1994, the College was selected for national government support in the field of semi-conductors and information communication, followed by the selection as member of the Brain Korea 21 Project in 2000, the NURI project in 2004, the second phase of Brain Korea 21 in 2006 and specialized talent nurturing project in 2008. In 2008 it gained pre- certification status for its education in engineering (BEEK) followed by a proper certification in 2012.

Moreover, in 2009 it was designated as one of the recipients for government subsidies in nurturing universities focused on collaboration with the industry and in specializing in the field of overseas construction. In 2012 it was designated by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology as a leading university in collaboration projects with the industry and in 2013 it was selected as a member of the BK 21 Plus Project, led by the Ministry of Education. As a hub college located in the middle region of the Korean Peninsula, our College of Engineering has been a leader in the fostering of creative talent and in the promotion of cooperation between academia and industry, thereby living up to its social responsibility for the development of cutting-edge technology.