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College of Electrical & Computer Engineering

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Introduction of the Faculty

The College of Electronic Information at Chungbuk University was established in 2009 by pulling together for the first ever among national universities in Korea, different departments in the field of information technology to form a new college. The disciplines that are taught are basic technology and applied technology in the field of electrics, electronics, information technology, computer technologies and software. The College has successfully managed to confirm its status as a specialized educational institution in the field by participating in various government-sponsored research projects, including the government-led project for engineering colleges, the first phase of Brain Korea, Nuri Project, and the second phase of Brain Korea. The College distributes some of the largest amounts of scholarships among Korean universities and also differentiates itself through the development of research clubs, short and long-term overseas training, internships at home and abroad and various job search programs.

The College prides itself on its vision to lead the new-IT field. To realize this vision, creativity, expertise and leadership are emphasized in the curriculum and a systematic educational infrastructure has been put in place with more detailed action plans. Throughout the process, the College aims to reinforce its educational and research capabilities, maximize the satisfaction of its customers and create an educational culture that places cooperation between academia and industry front and center.

The College of Electronic Information has 65 full-time professors, 1900 undergraduate students and 300 graduate students. It is currently implementing the ABEEK program. Graduates have successfully joined reputable corporations and research institutes to work in the fields of research, technology or administration or further their studies by advancing onto a graduate course.