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College of Agriculture, Life & Environment Sciences

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Introduction of the Faculty

Since the establishment in 1951 of Cheongju Elementary Agricultural University, which was the beginning of Chungbuk University, the College has been consistently producing experts in the field of agriculture, biology and the environment for the past six decades. It has confirmed its place as one of the most prestigious universities in this field that also contributes to national industrial progress.

The agricultural and biological industry has served an important role in the history of mankind by providing essential food and is still considered as a future-oriented industry that holds the responsibility to hand down to future generations essential knowledge. A secure supply of food resources, preservation of biodiversity and the natural environment, the production of environment-friendly agricultural products, the supply of high value added agricultural products, the supply of leisure and welfare services that befit the nation’s income level, a reinforcement of infrastructure and a nurturing of experts in the field of agriculture and biology are all essential to a stable growth of the agricultural economy and also take up a big part of our mission.

Moreover, against the backdrop of a rapidly changing international order and climate change, research on cutting-edge agriculture, environment-friendly methods and bio energy agriculture is carried out. The College is also participating in many government-sponsored research projects, including the Nuri project, BK 21, LINC project and BK 21 Plus.

The College of Agriculture and Environment provides a wide range of curricula to meet these needs through a faculty of 73 professors. At present, 1,800 students are enrolled in the College.