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College of Human Ecology

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Introduction of the Faculty

The College of Human Ecology gained approval for its establishment in 1991 and is now composed of the five departments of the department of food and nutrition, department of child welfare, department of fashion design information, department of living environment and department of consumer studies. The curriculum of the College of Human Ecology focuses on the scientific research and practical application of the interaction between mankind and the environment from a physiological point of view. One of its goals is to produce experts that have a good understanding of how to apply the studies to real life.

In order to ensure our graduates can contribute to the grand initiatives of improving quality of life, the curriculum is in the process of being expanded to include not only expert knowledge in the overall field of human ecology, but also practice and on-site application. By forming a collaborative relationship with businesses, the College facilitates volunteering in the local community and contributes to its development. One such example is the research center for human ecology and a training center for nursery teachers that is run jointly with day care centers. The College receives applications by department but also allows for double majors, associated majors (major in geriatric welfare) and minors to provide students with a wide range of options.