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  1. The OIS opens various foreign language courses to provide Chungbuk National University students and local citizens with strong foreign language communication ability.
  2. The OIS provides Korean language programs to foreigners and overseas Koreans from around the world. The center promotes Korean culture by having students experience various cultures and by supporting their study abroad and offering job search programs.

Path after graduation :

  • Foreign Language Education Department : Regular College Program, TOEIC, TOEFL, TEPS, Overseas language training program for outstanding students
  • Korean Language Education Department : Regular Program, Pre-College Intensive Program
Date of foundation September 27, 1970
Tel +82-43-261-3841 (Administrative office), +82-43-261-3214 (Foreign Language Education Department),+82-43-261-3299 (Korean Language Education Department)
Fax +82-43-268-2068 (Administrative office), +82-43-260-3298 (Language Education Center)