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Do You Know About the Communication Education Center? Detail view
Do You Know About the Communication Education Center?
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As the saying goes ‘The early birds catch the worm’, the diligent birds in university also have many opportunities. There are various programs for students in university. However, it is up to students to search and participate in them actively. In March, CBT would like to introduce the Communication Education Center, which provides many beneficial programs to students. It offers various programs in three areas, writing, reading, and debate, to improve students’ communication skills. Many students couldn’t participate because they didn’t understand what it is and what programs it offers. Through this article, they can get much useful information.

  First, let’s find out what the center is. It was established to improve the students’ communication skills in a knowledge-based society in the 21st century. In the writing area, it provides   online/offline writing consulting and a presentation feedback program, and in the reading area, it provides a reading club, a reading certification system, a book report competition, and a reading camp. In the area of debate, a debate contest and a debate program are provided. Moreover, it is different from similar centers in other universities as it covers regular and irregular curriculum at the same time. As any student in CBNU who wants to read diligently, discuss productively and write systematically can participate, the students who participate in the program actively can obtain many skills.

  Now, CBT would like to introduce the writing, reading, and debate programs of the Communication Education Center. The online/offline writing consulting is a program that helps students solve difficulties in writing planning, writing, and rewriting. Those having difficulty with visiting the center can apply for online consulting, and those who want to have face-to-face consulting can apply for one-on-one consulting. The presentation feedback is a program that helps students solve the difficulties they face in preparing for presentations. It provides advice about the contents, posture, and tone during a presentation exercise, and the presentation exercise videos are recorded for further review.

  The reading club is a program that improves free discussion abilities and elevates reading skills.
Students discuss books with about ten other students once a week for six to eight weeks. There is also a reading certification system, which is a reading record management program designed to improve reading and writing abilities at the same time. If students read a book and submit a reading certificate report, the certification process is conducted by giving a pass or fail grade on the report. The book report contest is a program that develops depth of thought   in the form of various types of writing. If students select one of the designated books and write a book report, a winner will be decided through evaluation. Through the reading camp activities, students can experience reading, discussion and writing comprehensively.

  Kim Da-hae (17, Dept, Horticulture) often participated in reading programs at the Communication Education Center as she likes books. She said, “I realized that people have different values and experiences by participating in the book club, and through the book report competition, I broadened my knowledge by reading books in different fields other than my major. Also, I can understand books more deeply after participating in the reading certification system, and I feel proud whenever I see the list of books that I read in the academic register. I learned to spend my school life more effectively through the reading program, and it was a great opportunity to learn many things.”

  The debate education program consists of a debate contest and a debate program called Debate Square. It is a discussion program where students discuss policy topics to enhance students’ logical and critical communication skills. The final winner is decided by holding a tournament. As the Debate Square is a program where students can freely express their opinions about the topics suggested by school members, it is designed to create a logical communication culture within our school.

  Sohn Dae-ik, a senior researcher at the Communication Education Center, said, “The Communication Education Center has been providing various programs to students since 2011. Many programs are going well, but the degree of participation is still low considering the number of students in CBNU, about 12,000. There are many things to do during college, such as traveling, language training, and making careers, but more important assets are effective reading and expressing thoughts well. Therefore, I hope that students will participate in various programs at the Communication Education Center and learn many things. Also, recently, our center has been planning a ‘CI Tutor Education Program’ with graduate students with master’s degrees from CBNU. The graduate students in various fields and researchers are working together to provide more diverse programs for students.”

  CBT hopes that students will participate in programs provided by the Communication Education Center actively and spend a more informative college life!

The Chungbuk Times
By Kim Min-ji