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Hit : 1599 RegDate : 2021.01.21
2021-2022 Russian Government Scholarships Detail view
2021-2022 Russian Government Scholarships
2021-2022 Russian Government Scholarships

Applicants for B.Sc. and M.Sc. course should meet the following criteria;
- Completed secondary education, and B.Sc. degree (for M.Sc. course applicants) confirmed by Certificate/Diploma recognized for admission to national universities;
- Examination records in major subjects not less than 80% of maximum level;
- Chosen of M.Sc. course should be in the same or similar area as applicant’s B.Sc. major.

Requirements for postgraduate (Ph.D. course) applicants are as follows;
- Chosen Ph.D. course should be in same or similar area as applicant’s M.Sc. Certificate/Diploma;
- Practical work experience in similar or correspondent professional field;

Candidates have to register on the Internet web-site
They should fill up the form on the web-site and upload the set of the electronic copies of documents, indicated on the web-site.
The application’s set of documents should be completed in English or Russian language and include the following;
1. Application form specifying candidate’s full name and numeric code of chose specialty in accordance with the enclosed «Nomenclature of Specialty of Scientific Staff» (for postgraduate studies) or List of
Higher Professional Education Specialties Codes (for complete B.Sc.–M.Sc. course);

Copies of documents:
2. Education certificate or diploma with examination subjects and records;
3. Health certificate issued and confirmed by authorized medical institution;
4. AIDS-test certificate issued and confirmed by authorized medical institution;
5. Birth certificate;
6. Passport. Applicant’s passport must be valid not less than 1,5 years before entering to Russia;

Application form must be prepared in English or Russian language.
All copies of documents should be translated to Russian language and notarized by authorized organizations.

Candidates for postgraduate studies (Ph.D course) should additionally
submit certified copy of M.Sc. diploma with examination subjects and
records, list of scientific publications (if there are any) and the abstract on
the topic of the future re-search (not more than 2 pages).
Applicants previously graduated from Russian universities must submit the abstract in Russian language.

All candidates should register on the and upload full set of the required documents up to the February 20th, 2021.

Arrival period for admitted students is as follows:
- From September 1 to September 15 – for B.Sc. and M.Sc.

Russian side will provide dormitory for foreign students. Accommodation fee is same as for Russian students.
All arriving candidates are strongly recommended;
- To have minimum 250 USD in cash money to cover transportation fee from Moscow airport to dormitory;
- To have personal financial funds to cover living expenses in Russia during their study (minimum 250 USD per month).
We also inform you that upon arrival to the university every student has to pay for medical insurance certificate (250 USD per year).
Airfare and other transportation expenses are not covered by the government scholarship and should be paid by student.
Additional information about education in Russian Federation, including data about the Universities and education specialties Codes, is available on the following websites;