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Important Features Which Could be Missed by CBNU Students Detail view
Important Features Which Could be Missed by CBNU Students
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 In March, freshmen who are yet unfamiliar with thier university will face a new semester. The majority of students are able to check announcements on CBNU official website or other related websites such as Gaesinnuri. However some students, especially freshmen and foreign students, may have some difficulty ascertaining specific details or feel the basic advices from their seniors to be insufficient to help them understand and navigate the various websites. This article will provide a handy summary of the various services provided by CBNU that students might have missed.
CBNU Library
  The library is located in various buildings across campus and it consists of ▲The 1, 2 Central library (N12), ▲The Law library (N2 room 508), and ▲The Medical library (E7-2 room 103). Plus, for students, CBNU runs the central library’s online website and mobile library app. The library website can be accessed through the banner located in the middle of the CBNU official website, and the app can be downloaded from the Google play store or the App store.
  The basic functions of the library homepage are ▲Searching books and checking their availability, ▲Reserving up to 2 books per person, ▲Requesting the purchase of books that are not in the CBNU library collection yet. Students can find out how to use these services on the ‘library search banner’ and ‘library service banner’ on the homepage. 
  In addition to borrowing books, the library website provides various services such as ▲Access to the external library homepage, ▲Library E-data (electric data) search, ▲Using E-books and audiobooks, ▲Online classes for language/certifications/civil servant and public enterprise exams, ▲Access to domestic/international academic papers. Students who want to collect data for assignments or learn various things can get help from these services. Furthermore, students who are preparing for group assignments or presentations can ▲Check the remaining seats in the reading room, ▲Make a reservation for a group study room in the library for 3 hours a day via the CBNU mobile library app.
  As a precaution, students who want to borrow books have to watch the educational video before visiting the library for the first time. The video can be found on the library homepage or mobile app.
Gaesinnuri Homepage
  Many students are already using the Gaesinnuri homepage to register for classes or check their grades. However, here are some useful tips that may help students to discover additional services that they may otherwise miss on the website:
  First of all, students can check the status of credit completion for graduation by following these steps. Access to the Gaesinnuri website → Click the ‘teaching/graduation’ menu → Check the ‘class registration credit completion’ banner. From this section, students can check ▲Completed classes and grades, ▲the Curriculum and completion method according to the student's class number, ▲Approximate graduation guide. Freshmen who lack information related to graduation or students who are about to graduate can easily manage class registration later. However, please note that the information provided by Gaesinnuri may not completely match the exact status, so the students who are about to graduate may need to take counsel at the department office in this regard.
  In addition, students may discover comprehensive services such as ▲Making reservations for seminar rooms, playgrounds, etc. ▲Using Copykiller which is designed to check the rate of plagiarism of assignments and academic papers, ▲Applying for the opening of desired classes for a seasonal semester, ▲Dormitory application, ▲Connecting to the certificate issuing website, etc.
Other Useful Websites
- Cieat Homepage
  This homepage is for consolidating and managing non-educational curriculum programs. Students can ▲Apply for programs such as learning competency/communication/RC education for freshmen, ▲Check other students’ grades/certificates/volunteer hours, ▲Apply for counseling such as mental health, employment, counsel with professors, etc.
- Employment Support Headquarter Homepage
  The Employment support headquarters consists of the aforementioned headquarters, university job center, and field training support center. Students who are seeking employment can get practical help such as ▲Writing and managing resumes,▲Checking employment announcements from various companies, and ▲AI employment solutions to help with interviews using AI technology.
- CBNU Office of International Services Homepage
  Students can access this website to check announcements for foreign students and students who want to study abroad. Furthermore, the website provides ▲the Application for trial TOEIC,▲Access to classes in preparation for seasonal standard English tests, ▲Access to various language courses such as Japanese, Chinese, etc. The students can visit the website by selecting the ‘International’ banner which is located in the middle of CBNU official homepage.
- Office 365
  Office 365 can be accessed by logging in to the Gaesinnuri website and clicking the banner below. Various programs such as Windows Office (PowerPoint, Excel, etc.) can be installed on your computer, or used directly on the website. The biggest feature is that a free version for students is available. However, as a precaution, note that account records may be deleted when students graduate, so it may not be possible to access your information after graduation.
  This article aims to help students to take full advantage of the various services provided by CBNU websites such as Gaesinnuri, Cieat Homepage, etc. The CBT reporter hopes that the students in CBNU have a fruitful university life with these pieces of information.

By Choi Jin-hyuk