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Institute of Construction Technology (IOCT)

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Institute of Construction Technology (IOCT)

Purpose of Establishment

The Institute of Construction Technology was established to contribute to the development of the construction industry through the development of advanced technology in the construction sector, which is the national core industry, and the research on the construction method using new materials. In addition, it conducts research, testing, analysis, and evaluation research on the construction industry. In addition, by publishing research papers to enhance the social adaptability of pure academic research, we are making efforts to inform the research results externally and to guide and disseminate technology.

Major Activities

  • Systematic, Professional, and Comprehensive Development of Construction Industry Technology
  • Transfer of construction technology and guidance through joint research with other research institutes
  • Construction Plan * Design and Development of Special Construction Method
  • Advising on Construction Technology * Evaluation and Research
  • A Study on the Evaluation of Environmental Safety and Conservation and the Technology of Pollutant Removal
  • A Study on the Management of Environmental Pollution Prevention Facilities and the Prevention of Environmental Pollution in Korea 7. Construction of information in the construction field and internal and external services of information constructed
  • A Study on Urban Planning, Design and Transportation
  • The publication of the thesis and research report
  • Presentation of research and holding various academic conferences
  • Collaborative Research and Education with International Cooperation Agency

steering committee member

  • Director : Kim Ok Kyue
  • Manager : Lee Chang Joon, Jeong Keun Chae, Lee Sang Hoon, Hwang Jae Hoon, Kim Sung Bo, Choi Jae Wan
  • Center Director : Jeong Woon Seong, Chung Se Woong, Kang Su Min