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CBNU Research Institute for Development of Pharmaceutical Resource

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CBNU Research Institute for Development of Pharmaceutical Resource

Purpose of Establishment

The Institute was established in 1th December 1969 in order to carry out the basic research to create and develop new medicine by surveying and researching the pharmaceutical resources. Thus, the Institute contributes to the development of the pharmaceutical technology and the industry-university cooperation. The institute carries out the research activities continually in order to various kinds of pharmaceutical resources from natural and synthetic chemical compound by utilizing the entire facilities and the top-rated humanpower. The Institute operates Academic Department, Basic-medicine Research Department, Resource-development Department, Medicinal-effect Examination Department, Medicine-development Department, Medicine-analysis Department, and Stability Research Department in order to carry out not only the basic research on bio-pharmaceutics but also the comprehensive research on pharmaceutical resources. In addition, the Institute publishes pharmaceutical journals and newsletter once per year, including excellent academic articles. And the Institute holds academic conferences and symposia frequently at home and abroad over the entire areas of basic and applied pharmaceutics, so that it contributes to the promotion of the R&D of pharmaceutical resources.

Major Activities

  • Publishing academic journals of the Institute
  • Holding national and international academic symposia
  • Holding academic conferences