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Graduate School

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Graduate School

The graduate school was established on January 10, 1968 for the purpose of building up one’s character, teaching and studying the profound theory of learning and its application necessary for the development of the country and the human society and contributing to the country and the human society.

It is promptly responding to the diversification of recent academic research trends that are changing at home and abroad, and, as of 2019, the master’s program consists of 66 departments, 4 colleges and the quota of 682 students; the doctoral program consists of 57 departments, 4 colleges and the quota of 312 students; academy-research-industry cooperation program (18 organizations); interdisciplinary program (17 programs).

And, as of July, 2018, we have produced 11,980 master students, 3,206 doctoral students, 25 combined master’s and doctoral students, and 48 honorary doctoral students.