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Social Science Research Institute

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Social Science Research Institute

Purpose of Establishment

The Social Science Research Institute of the Chungbuk National University was established to contribute to the social development of the country and the local community and of the welfare improvement of human being by carrying out studies on the local development and environmental problems, on the operation of the local governments and central government, on the international relations and Inter-Korean issues, and on other academic research and research on the actual condition from the perspective of social policy.

Basic Functions

  • Research on the entire social science problems at home and abroad
  • Research on various policy developments and education program developments
  • Research on international relations and modern thought
  • Research on unification of the Korean peninsula and Inter-Korea issues
  • Research on management of local governments and vitalization of citizen participation
  • Research on development of local resource and growth of local economy
  • Research on environmental preservation and development seeking for the survival of human beings.
  • Holding academic conferences, lectures, seminars and etc.
  • Storage of diverse data, and publication and distribution of study result reports
  • Performing other business incidental which is necessary to realize the goal of the Institute

Research Activities

The Social Science Research Institute publishes its collection of papers ‘Social Science Research’ twice per year, holds international academic conferences more than once per year, national academic conferences more than four times per year, and academic lectures more than twice per year. As of 2015 the institute is engaging itself in one concentrated task. In addition, the Institute has its own library where more than 4,000 copies of books are housed.

Future Development Plans

Vitalization of diverse research funded by research supporting fund of the Ministry of Education, and etc.

  • To secure excellent researchers
  • To vitalize joint seminars with other university institutes, civil institutes, government-funded institutions and foreign university institutes
  • To publish at least more than one publication of research paper per each center respectively