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Dept. of Korean Language and Literature

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Educational Objectives

  • culture of professionals in the field of literature in literae humaniores department.
  • a liberal arts knowledge to cope with changing environment.
  • empathy and communication skills, culture and identity.
  • building character and sense of community.

Educational Contents

Korean Language and Literature in 1981 for the local culture in Korean speaking and writing about education and research and produce people who at a world beyond the national development. Expert on the basis of the communication and empathy to shape the future with universal convergence capabilities and creativity to below shall have the problem and to pursue a party line.With an education program required. Curriculum is made up of three sections. Phonology, suspect, is Korean linguistics, semantics, suspect, syntax, suspect, Korean classical literature, education and research for a classic holiday story classic holiday story, suspect, classical, suspect, of literature committee meeting with Chinese characters, suspect, in literary history.Education review committee, suspect, and research committee in modern literature, the novel of contemporary literature, suspect, creative education and study Korean language and culture, understanding and on the identity of the Korean.Help perceptions. This course has important applications in recent years has emerged as the theory and practice of storytelling and cultural content is included.


업무 및 직원안내 목록
Name Phone Major
Kang Chang Seok +82-43-261-2097 Korean Phonology
Cho Hang Bum +82-43-261-2099 Korean Semantics
Jeong Hyo Goo +82-43-261-2101 Modern Korean Poetry
Jeong Hyo Goo +82-43-261-2101 Modern Korean Poetry
Lee Ick Seong +82-43-261-2098 Modern Korean Fiction
Park Yeoun Ho +82-43-261-2096 Classic Korean Poetry
Lee Ho Seung +82-43-261-2094 Korean Syntax
Kwon Jeong Woo +82-43-261-2100 Modern Korean Poetry
Park Jin Sook 82-43-261-2095 mathematics
Oh Se Jeong +82-43-261-2091 Modern Korean Fiction
Eo Kang Seok +82-43-261-2092 Chinese classics
Yi ji yeong +82-43-261-2093 Korean Classical Novel