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Dept. of Chinese Language and Literature

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Educational Objectives

As an expert with Chinese language skills, an insight into Chinese society and culture, and a humanistic knowledge to reflect on the future, he focuses on cultivating the talent needed for Korean historical events.

Educational Contents

There are enough practical courses to train on structural understanding and listening, speaking, writing, and reading of Chinese. At the same time, it provides a path for understanding Chinese people and Chinese culture by providing an opportunity to learn various art styles and media styles, including Chinese classics and modern literature. Through language and cultural education that contains the past and present of China as well as the economy, society, history and culture, it fosters the ability to reflect on Korea-China relations and the future of East Asia


업무 및 직원안내 목록
Name Phone Major
Noh, Kyung Hee +82-43-261-2105 Chinese classics poem and Criticism
Bae, Byung Gyoon +82-43-261-2106 Chinese classics novel
Choe, Byeong Deok +82-43-261-2107 Chinese modern grammar
Bae, Deuk Yrell +82-43-261-2108 Chinese classics literary theory
Lee, Sun Ok +82-43-261-2104 Chinese modern literature
Zhu Ji Xia +82-43-261-3082 Chinese modern grammar
Bong, In Young +82-43-261-2103 Chinese modern literature