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Dept. of English Language and Literature

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Educational Objectives

  • Practical English – Developing listening, writing and speaking skills
  • English Linguistics – Learning profound knowledge of English Linguistics
  • English Literature – Learning extensive knowledge of English literature
  • English Culture - Developing the understanding English Culture

Educational Contents

The department offers a wide range of courses and programs in English literature and linguistics as well as in practical English skills. English literature courses include British and American poetry, novels, and drama. The English language courses include the history of English language, syntax, and phonetics. The aims of the curriculum of the department are to deepen the knowledge of the literatures, language, cultures, and societies of English-speaking countries, as well as to improve English language proficiency in speaking, listening, reading, and writing. Through such courses, the undergraduate program of our department aims at producing cultivated persons who are equipped with what is required to be the core members of global society. Our graduates enter careers in academia and the professions well-prepared to meet the changing needs of society with creativity, global awareness, and outstanding communication skills.


업무 및 직원안내 목록
Name Phone Major
Han, Gi Sun +82-43-261-2124 Linguistics(Phonetics)
Kim, Sung Wook +82-43-261-2126 Linguistics(English Syntax)
Hwang, Hyo Sik +82-43-261-2121 Literature(Shakespeare)
Kim, Jina +82-43-261-2128 Literature(Modern British and American Novel)
Che, Gum Hee +82-43-261-2130 Literature(20th Century British and American Novel)
Park, In Kyu +82-43-261-2123 Linguistics(Phonological Acquisition)
Ryoo, Gi Taek +82-43-261-2125 Literature(British-American Poetry)
Park, Hee Bon +82-43-261-2129 Literature(Modern British and American Drama)
Kim, Soon Bae 82-43-261-2127 Literature(Criticism and Theory)
John David Vuckovichi +82-43-261-2122 College English
Dale Fredric Marcellek +82-43-261-3265 English Conversation