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Dept. of German Language and Literature

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Educational Objectives

  • Develop of German language skills
  • Develop of German cultural knowledge
  • the training of experts in German

Educational Contents

The department of German language and culture of Chungbuk University was established in 1980. We are teaching and studying 'German language', 'German literature', 'German as a foreign language' and 'Study on Germany'. In the field of German language, we specifically study and analyse the changes of German language, the structure of phonology and syntax, and sementics. In the field of German Literature, we classify German literature by the times and writers, and make various and extensive studies on novels, plays, poetry and critics. In the field of "German as a Foreign Language", we enable Korean to acquire basic knowledge on German and have a good command of German through intensive language course. In the field of "Study on Germany", we make a general and deep study of German history, politics, economy, society, culture and so on, which enables us to develop our society and culture in the end.


업무 및 직원안내 목록
Name Phone Major
Oh, Ze-Myoung +82-43-261-2135 German literature(Drama)
Chung, Jai-Hyun +82-43-261-2137 German linguistics
Lee, Chung Hi +82-43-261-2132 German literature(Poetry)
Choi, Do Gyu +82-43-261-2133 German linguistics
Moon, Gwang-Hun +82-43-261-2134 German literature(Novel&Literaturwissenschaft)
Jeong, Su-Jeong +82-43-261-2136 German linguistics(lexicology)
Rudolf Weinmann +82-43-261-3127 German for Foreigners(Daf)