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Dept. of French Language and Literature

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Educational Objectives

The department aims to foster talented individuals with expert knowledge on French literature through a systematic curriculum. It also aims to preserve the national’s cultural heritage in literature and promote further growth in the future.

Educational Contents

  • Cultivate foreign language ability to meet the age of globalization through specialized education in French language and literature.
  • Develop an international cultural sense by understanding the culture of French.
  • Acquire various knowledge of Europe through regional studies on France and Europe.
  • Introduce French literature and develop the ability to contribute to the globalization of Korean literature.
  • Emits creative and holistic intellectuals who lead social change.


업무 및 직원안내 목록
Name Phone Major
Kim Kyung-Seok +82-43-261-3142 French language(Syntax)
Ahn Young-Hyun +82-43-261-2142 French literature(French novel)
Ko Bong-Man +82-43-261-3381 French culture
RHee Eun-Mee +82-43-261-2141 French linguistics(Pragmatics, Teaching method)
Cho Man-Soo +82-43-261-2143 French play(theater)
Kim Dae-Young +82-43-261-2145 Translation studies
Rodolphe MEIDINGER +82-43-261-3085 French teaching method for foreigners