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Dept. of Russian Language and Literature

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Educational Objectives

  • Develop of Russian language skills
  • Develop of Russian cultural knowledge
  • the training of experts in Russia

Educational Contents

The department of Russian language and culture of Chungbuk University provides a curriculum that extends the knowledge of Russian language and culture in depth based on the acquisition of modern Russian language. In order to achieve the important goal of learning and understanding modern Russian, the department offers a variety of language-related courses and Russian professors are doing their best to enhance their listening and conversational skills. It also acquires knowledge of Russian culture as a whole through lectures on various cultural subjects. Based on these language and cultural expertise and holistic education, we will cultivate talented human resources capable of actively adapting to society after graduation and contributing to social development.


업무 및 직원안내 목록
Name Phone Major
Mun Hwang Kim +82-43-261-2385 Russian literature(nineteenth-century literature, criticism)
Sung Ho Choi +82-43-261-2384 Russian phonology, Morphological theory
Yong Hwa Kim +82-43-261-3275 literary language
Yong Sik Paik +82-43-261-2089 Russian drama
Won Han Kim +82-43-261-3249 Russian literature