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Dept. of History

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Educational Objectives

  • Expertness(Creative promoting of persons of talent): Cultivation of leaders as a expert by general scholarship
  • Creativity(Creative learning network): Improvement of the power of problem-solving in the ground of creative community
  • Practice(Cluster as creative studying): Knowledge of central role of local regions and their active interchange

Educational Contents

Department of History in Chungbuk National Univ. was found at 1983 and its curriculum is composed of Korean History, Eastern History, Western History. And their lectures are mainly composed by every period. Besides, lectures on reading historical materials are (Korean, Eastern, Western). Addition to those, some lectures of related departments are authorized as major subjects. Biannual field investigation on national cultural remains is carrying out to study historical remains.


업무 및 직원안내 목록
Name Phone Major
OH, Kwang-Ho +82-43-261-2160 Contemporary History of Europe
Lim, Beong-Dug +82-43-261-3206 Ancient History of China
Yoon, Jin +82-43-261-3382 Ancient History of Europe
Park, Gul-Sun +82-43-261-3591 Modern and Contemporary History of Korea
Kim, Young-Kwan +82-43-261-2158 Ancient History of Korea
Lee, Pyong-soo +82-43-261-2157 Modern History of China
Lim, Hyung-soo +82-43-261-2159 Medieval History of Korea