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Dept. of Archaeology and Art History

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Educational Contents

The department focuses on research of historical relics and cultural assets from ancient times to the modern era in an effort to study the daily life and arts of mankind. The department offers courses that look into the evolution of culture in each region and in Korea, the cultural characteristics of the Chungbuk region, field study methods, analysis methods for historic relics and sites and analysis of ceramics, sculptures and paintings.


업무 및 직원안내 목록
Name Phone Major
Park, Eun Wha +82-43-261-2155 History of Chinese and Korean painting
Seong, Jeong Yong +82-43-261-2162 Korean Archaeological History
Lee, Jong Min +82-43-261-2166 History of Chinese and Korean Ceramic
Kim, Bum Cheol +82-43-261-2164 Prehistory(Bronze Age)
Yang, Si Eun +82-43-261-2165 Korean Archaeological History