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School of Electrical Engineering

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The Electrical engineering Department, established in 1974, cultivates the most representative field of electrical engineering in the nation's key industries. Electrical engineering is a comprehensive study that covers the production of electrical energy (sunshine, wind, nuclear power, hydropower, thermal and renewable energy), distribution (smart grids and power distribution related to Korea Electric Power Corporation), and consumption (electric products, electric cars and fuel cell cars, robotics, electronics, etc.).

The Department of Electrical and Engineering focuses on state-run engineering colleges (1995 to 5 years), BK 21 (2005 to 5 years), Korea Electric Power Industry Foundation Training Project (2003 to 2 years), NURI (Nurturing Human Resources for Next Generation Power Industry), Power IT Human Resources Development Project (2004 to 4 years), Smart Grid Foundation Human Resources Development Project (2010 to 4 years), and Industry University (KIN 2012) Tracks, customized tracks for LG Chem., and solar energy combined tracks) are established.

In addition, the engineering department operates eight study groups to enhance the creativity and cooperation of students, and the student-professor-to-professor's special tutor system is applied to all students.


업무 및 직원안내 목록
Name Phone Major
Jae-Ho Choi +82-43-261-2425 Power electronics
Hyeon-Deok Bae +82-43-261-2474 Digital Signal Processing
Gi-Yeong Lee +82-43-261-2476 Analysis of semiconductor device and design of CMOS circuits
Chang-Seop Koh +82-43-261-2426 Electric Machinery
Jae-Eon Kim +82-43-261-2423 Electric Power Energy system
Nam-Sik Yoon +82-43-261-2420 Plasma
Sung-Soo Kim +82-43-261-2421 Communication Control System
Oh-Min Kwon +82-43-261-2422 Control engineering
Jong-Phil Hong +82-43-261-3536 Integrate circuit Design
Myung-Chin Kim +82-43-261-3670 High voltage engineering