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School of Electronics Engineering

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Educational Objectives

The education goal of the Dept. of Electronics Engineering aims at the sustaining the world leading role in electronics by providing the engineers with field oriented and in-depth knowledge on specialized area. Our department trains key personnel in communications, robotics and automation, semiconductor sector will lead to the go-leading automation and information society. For cultivate people of talent, First, professional manpower cultivation that combines theory and practice. Second, dedicated manpower cultivation to serve the country and community. Third, enterprising manpower cultivation to prepare for grobalization. With these educational goals, we educate for improving creativity, customized training to meet industry demand, and we put the emphasis on the activation of the study circle, which is autonomously operated.

Educational Contents

The school of electronic engineering was reorganized by integrating the department of semiconductor engineering and the department of control and instrumentation engineering into the conventional department of electronics engineering. Accordingly, we has retained 20 committed and talented faculty members, actively providing basic education as well as the education of advanced applied fields for our students.

In particular, we have laid great emphasis on the following four fields of education in the intensive major course for the senior year : (1) Digital/Satellite Communications, Antenna & Microwave Engineering, Image and Voice Signals Process have been covered in the field of Communication & Signal Processing, (2) Computer Architecture, Digital Circuits Design, and IC chip Design have been covered in the field of Computer & Digital System, (3) All things concerning Semiconductor Device, Design and Process have been covered in the field of Semiconductor, (4) The education on Automatic Controller, Robot, Factory Automation, and GPS Application are provided in the field of Control Measurement/Automation.


업무 및 직원안내 목록
Name Phone Major
Gi-Yong Song +82-43-261-2452 Electronic Engineering
Young Chol Kim +82-43-261-2475 Computer Engineering
Ryu, Heung-Gyoon +82-43-261-2477 Electronic Engineering
Byoung Woo Park +82-43-261-2478 Electronic Engineering
Kim, Namsoo +82-43-261-2298 Electronic Engineering
Kim, Yeong-Seuk +82-43-261-3137 Electronic Engineering
Lee, Hyung Gyoo +82-43-261-3138 Electronic Engineering
Park, Keun-Hyung +82-43-261-3517 Electronic Engineering
Kim, Jin Hoon +82-43-261-2387 Robust control
Myung-Geun Chun +82-43-261-2388 Electronic Engineering
Choi, Ho-Yong +82-43-261-3231 Integrated System Design
Park, Tae-Hyoung +82-43-261-3240 Electronic Engineering
Chansik Park +82-43-261-3259 Electronic Engineering
Kwon, Oh-Wook +82-43-261-3374 Speech Recognition, Speech Processing, Audio Signal Processing
Seo, Bo-Seok +82-43-261-3267 Digital communication system, Military communication system, Signal processing
Suh, Jae-Won +82-43-261-3268 Electronic Engineering
Yang, Byung Do +82-43-261-3583 Electronic Engineering
Kim, Gon-Woo +82-43-261-2486 Electronic Engineering
Kim, Hyung Won +82-43-261-2399 Electronic Engineering
Seungku Kim +82-43-261-2479 Wireless Network and Embedded System
Sungjun Kim +82-43-261-3327 Semiconductor devices, New memory