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School of Information and Communication Engineering

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The School of Information and Communication Engineering was established in 1985. We strived in engineering education and international research that encompasses the interrelated research fields of information and communication engineering. The primary mission of our school is to offer practical engineering educational programs so that students can adapt themselves to rapidly changing technologies in field of information processing and communication engineering. Furthermore, we aim to help students to become global IT experts and leaders who will contribute their knowledge to human society.

The undergraduate program offers diverse courses in four major fields: information processing, communication system, communication network, and radio engineering. The information processing track offers such courses as C-language, database, Windows programming, multimedia processing, and software engineering; the communications system track offers such courses as communication theory, digital communication, signal processing, and mobile communications; the communication network track offers such courses as data communication, computer network, internet communication, electronic switching, and wireless network; the radio engineering track offers such courses as antennas, microwave engineering, microwave measurements, and microwave devices and circuits.


업무 및 직원안내 목록
Name Phone Major
Jae-Hyeong Ahn +82-43-261-2480 Visual Communication
Nam Kim +82-43-261-2482 Optical Information Engineering
Cho,Kyoungrok +82-43-261-2368 VLSI Circuit Design
Bierng-Chearl Ahn +82-43-261-3194 Computational Electromagnetics
In Sung Lee +82-43-261-3223 Signal Processing
Jae Soo Yoo +82-43-261-3230 Database Systems
In-Kwan Hwang +82-43-261-3239 Mobile and Satellite Comm. Systems
Young Ju Kim +82-43-261-3375 Mobile Communication System
Seong Gon Choi +82-43-261-2484 Communication Networks
Kang Hyun Soo +82-43-261-3488 Image Processing
Kim Kyung Seok +82-43-261-3489 Information Communication Engineering
Choi Min +82-43-261-3367 Embedded &Application Software
Taejoon Kim +82-43-261-2485 Wireless communications networks
Euisin Lee +82-43-261-2389 Computer networks
Jaewook Jeong +82-43-261-3598 Advanced Information & Display Devices
TaeHong Kim +82-43-261-2481 Wireless Sensor Network
Kisong Lee +82-43-261-3158 Network optimization/Wireless charging/Information security