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Major of Crop Science

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The goal of research and education in the department of plant resources is to produce plant resources, promote growth in agricultural societies and preserve the environment through sustainable agriculture.

To that end, research on the development and production of plant resources and related technologies are conducted to create experts who can later work in related fields or the administrative fields within these industries.

Based on the theories of crop production, the department, through such courses as plant physiology, molecular biology, plant genetics, theory on plant farming, plant genetic engineering, protection of crops and experiments and statistics, allows for quality and productivity enhancement in agriculture while contributing to environmental preservation.

Graduates join research centers focused on agriculture, administrative bodies with an emphasis on agriculture or stay active in large scale agricultural business management at both home and abroad.


업무 및 직원안내 목록
Name Phone Major
Beom-Heon Song +82-43-261-2511 Biology of Plants
Hong-Sig Kim +82-43-261-2513 Breeding science
Yong-Gu Cho +82-43-261-2514 Molecular genetics, genetic engineering plants
Sun-Hee Woo +82-43-261-2515 plant genetic studies and plant functional proteomics
So-Yoon Sup +82-43-261-2517 Plant Breeding