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Dept. of Forest Science

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Forests provide a habit for wild animals and vegetation, as well as playing an important role in air pollution, providing water resources, preserving soil, and offering a place for rest and healing. The wood produced in forests are used as raw materials for industry. By forming and managing forests, carbon emissions rights can be secured and the biomass can be used as an energy source.

Therefore with 65% of the nation’s land covered by forests and mountains, Korea needs to reconsider the economic value and environmental effects of its forests and make the most of them.

The department of forestry at Chungbuk University aims to produce experts in forestry through a broad coverage of the field. The study of forestry, landscaping, forest economics and forest policies are included in the field. Recently, a graduate school of forest healing that is gaining attention has also been established.


업무 및 직원안내 목록
Name Phone Major
Kim, Jea Su +82-43-261-2533 Forest Hydrology. Soil Erosion Control
Shin, Won Sup +82-43-261-2536 Forest Recreation, Forest Therapy
Koo, Chang Duck +82-43-261-2537 Forest Ecology, Forest Protection, Forest Mushrooms
Kim, Dong Jun +82-43-261-3371 Forest Economics, Forest Policy
Shin, Chang Seob +82-43-261-2538 Silviculture, Landscape Architecture
Kim, Jung sung +82-43-261-2535 Dendrology, Tree Breeding
Yeon Poung Sik +82-43-261-3412 Forest Welfare