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Dept. of Agricultural and Rural Engineering

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Educational Objectives

Developing a future-oriented professional agricultural and rural engineer who will lead the creative knowledge society

Educational Contents

Educate practical engineer based on basic knowledge, design and environment concepts.

  • Application ability and creative talent development based on knowledge on agriculture, life and environment
  • Cultivate regional talented students for global application


업무 및 직원안내 목록
Name Phone Major
Kim, Jin-Soo +82-43-261-2573 Irrigation & drainage engineering, Regional environmental engineering
Song, Chang-Seob +82-43-261-2578 Rural road engineering, Geo-environmental engineering, Construction engineering
Park, Jong-Hwa +82-43-261-2577 Agricultural hydraulics structures, River ecosystem & water resources engineeringg
Yoon, Seong-Soo +82-43-261-2575 Design of aricultural engineering, Statically indeterminated structures, RC structural engineering
Maeng, Seung-Jin +82-43-261-2576 Preventive disaster of agricultural & rural engineering, Agricultural & environmental hydrology
Lee, Sang-Hyun +82-43-261-2574 Rural planning, GIS, Resource management