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Major of Industrial Plant Science & Technology

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Educational Objectives

The education and research goals of the department is to promote the production of functional plant resources such as tobacco and ginseng, increase value added and industrialize functional plants through development of new materials.

Educational Contents

Based on basic theory, students are taught both theory and practice of functional plants, its farming, processing, categorization, analysis, experimentation and physiological effects. Research institutes or organizations closely related to the department allow us to implement joint programs between academia and industry to deliver to students a curriculum that reflects the market’s needs in real time.


업무 및 직원안내 목록
Name Phone Major
Heung Bin Lim +82-43-261-2521 Plant Biochemistry / Plant Chemical Analysis
Yi Lee +82-43-261-3373 Plant Molecular Biology
Moon Soon Lee +82-43-261-2522 Natural Products Chemistry
Tae Kyung Hyun +82-43-261-2520 Pharmacology Biology
Heung Bin Lim +82-43-261-2524 Crop Science