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Major of Plant Medicine

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Plant Medicine offers outstanding academic programs for undergraduate and graduate students preparing for careers in research, extension, business, or industry. The undergraduate program curriculum consists of courses mainly in plant pathology and applied entomology. It includes plant diseases, insect pests, pathogen biology, environmental stress, biotechnology and skill, and insect and microbial resources, etc. The graduate program offers M.S. and Ph.D. in two majors: plant pathology and applied entomology. The Department is continually looking for new opportunities and adjusting current programs to enhance our ability to meet the changing needs of society. The mission of the Department is to provide educational, scientific, and technological advances through teaching, research, and extension and regulation. Graduates may find employment in extension services, plant quarantine services, industry, research laboratories, and many other governmental and provincial agencies.


업무 및 직원안내 목록
Name Phone Major
Byeongjin Cha +82-43-261-2557 Tree Pathology
Gil-Hah Kim +82-43-261-2555 Insect Ecology and Toxicology
Soowon Cho +82-43-261-2558 Insect systematics and evolution
Heung Tae Kim +82-43-261-2556 Plant Patholohy
Soo-Dong Woo +82-43-261-2553 Insect Pathology
Mikyeong Kim +82-43-261-2509 Plant Patholohy