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Major of Food Science and Biotechnology

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The Department of Food Science and Biotechnology was established in 1983. Food Science and Biotechnology faculties have expertise in the basic sciences, food science, and food technology. Our program integrates the disciplines of chemistry, biology, nutrition, physiology, biotechnology and engineering to ensure that all people have access to healthy, affordable food.

Faculty members teach and serve as academic advisors to both undergraduate and graduate students. In addition, faculty members conduct food science research to improve food quality and availability, enhance economic development, prevent food borne diseases, and improve process efficiency while limiting environmental impact.

The demand for food scientists is increasing as our world becomes more focused on the vital role that food plays in the well-being of individuals, communities and nations. Especially, many food companies and government branches are located in Chungbuk province.

In order to meet their demand for expert, our department fosters the professionals who can lead the food biotechnology into the futuristic industry by combining the previous food science with food biotechnology. Also, we participate in the LINC (Leaders in INdustry-university Cooperation) program, CK (University of Creative Korea, ICAB6) and BK21 (Brain Korea 21) project for the undergraduate and graduate students to train individualized talented students in relation to the industries for the future outstanding professionals.


업무 및 직원안내 목록
Name Phone Major
Kwang Yup Kim +82-43-261-2568 Food Microbiology / Food Sanitation
Nam Soo Han +82-43-261-2567 Enzyme and Fermentation Engineering
Junsoo Lee +82-43-261-2566 Food Chemistry
Tae-Jip Kim +82-43-261-3354 Food Enzyme Technology / Food Biotechnology
Heon Sang Jeong +82-43-261-2570 Food Engineering
Keum-Il Jang +82-43-261-2569 Food Processing