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Dept. of Agricultural Economics

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Educational Objectives

Agricultural economics is an area of applied economics but also takes on the view of business management towards industries related to agriculture. The department encourages the honing of expert knowledge, application skills and analysis skills to produce graduates who are able to contribute to welfare in agricultural areas and the overall economy.

Educational Contents

During the first year, liberal arts subjects and essential subjects for major are taken, including microeconomics, macroeconomics, agricultural economics, agricultural business management, production economics, quantitative economics, agricultural policy, environmental economics, agricultural finance, agricultural products management information theory, agricultural accounting, cooperatives theory, overseas agricultural development and aid theory, the futures market for agricultural goods, distribution theory for agricultural products, business strategy for agricultural products and resource economics. A total of 34 courses in the major category, of which 14 are essential and 20 are optional, form the core of the curriculum.


업무 및 직원안내 목록
Name Phone Major
Jong-Sup Park +82-43-261-2592 Agricultural and Food Policy
Yang-Hoon Song +82-43-261-2588 Management Information System in Agriculture, International Agriculture for Development
Byung-Sam Yoon +82-43-261-2589 Agricultural Marketing & Price Analysis
Sang-Taek Seo +82-43-261-2590 Agricultural Finance(Farm management)
Ik-Su Jun +82-43-261-2594 Agribusiness Strategy
Do-Il Yoo +82-43-261-2591 Resource Environmental Economics
Kim, Seon-woong +82-43-261-2593 Agro-food Consumption & Consumer Behavior