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Dept. of Intelligent Systems and Robotics

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Dept. of Intelligent Systems and Robotics is the first department of artificial intelligence (AI) & robot specialization at National University. The goal is to cultivate specialized technical talents to enter the core industries of the 4th industrial revolution, such as intelligent robots, future cars, Internet of Things, and smart factories.

ntelligent Systems and Robotics is an electronics-SW-computer-machine convergence study that learns artificial intelligence, robots, and autonomous driving based on IT technology.

The demand for AI & robot technology manpower is increasing in all industries, and advanced department with systematic training courses to cultivate professional human resources required in the industrial field

Educational Goal

  • Cultivating professional manpower with both theory and practice
  • Fostering practical workforce that meets industry demands
  • Cultivating dedicated human resources to serve the country and community
  • Fostering progressive manpower to prepare for internationalization

Career after graduation

  • AI SW companies: Naver Labs / Clover, Kakao Brain, SK T-Brain, NC Soft, Tmax Soft, Samsung Research, Saltlux
  • IT companies: Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics, KT, SK Telecom, Hynix, Samsung SDS, SK C & C
  • Automotive companies: Hyundai-Kia Motors, Hyundai Mobis, Mando, Continental, Yura Corporation, Seoyeon Electronics, SL
  • Robot companies: Hanwha Techwin, Hyundai Robotics, Doosan Robotics, Yujin Robot, Robotis
  • National Research Institute: Korea Institute of Industrial Technology (KITECH), Korea Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute (ETRI), Korea Electronics Technology Institute (KETI), Korea Automobile Technology Institute (KATECH), Agency for Defense Development (ADD), Korea Institute of Ocean Science & Technology (KIOST)

Contact information for location and contents

지능로봇공학과 위치 및 담당자 연락처
Building number E8-7
Building name Electrical & Computer Engineering, the 1st Hall/ Dept. of Intelligent Systems and Robotics
Room number 3th floor 301
Phone number 043-261-3225
Fax number 043-268-2386


업무 및 직원안내 목록
Name Phone Major
Kim, Jin Hoon 043-261-2387 Library Director, Professor Robust Control
Chun, Myung-Geun 043-261-2388 Professor Intelligent Automation, Image Recognition
Park, Tae-Hyoung 043-261-3240 Director of Graduate School of Control and Robot Engineering, Director of Smart Car Engineering Major, Professor Robot and Automation
Park, Chansik 043-261-3259 Director of the Department of Electronics and Computer Engineering, Professor Navigation, Digital System
Kwon, Oh-Wook 043-261-3374 Director of SW Industry-Academic Cooperation Center, Professor Voice Recognition, Voice Communication
Kim, Gon-Woo 043-261-2486 Professor Intelligent Robot, Autonomous Driving
Hwang, Youngbae 043-261-3641 Professor Computer and Robot Vision, Machine Learning