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We greatly appreciate your visit to the Chungbuk National University homepage. The University is ready to spring forward as an educational hub in the heart of Korea, dreaming of ‘A Dynamic Future With All of You.’ /President Chungbuk National University Kim Sukab

Chungbuk National University is a prestigious, nationally sponsored university that has contributed to social development, domestically and globally, by cultivating more than 15 million of global human resources since its foundation in 1951.

Rooted in its strong tradition and reputation, Chungbuk National University will be stepping forward to become a leader in the Fourth Industrial Revolution of the 21st century by embodying its founding principles of Truth, Justice, and Pioneering Spirit. We are currently ranked first for student satisfaction in the country, and we continue to nurture young minds who will contribute to the development of Korean society and lead in innovation, just as we have been doing for the last 70 years.

Chungbuk National University is enthusiastically opening its door to what the future will hold in the 21st century by promoting its core educational values, which are Harmony, Dignity, and Hope for a Prosperous Future.
The University will do its best to promote human development by fulfilling its social responsibility for the betterment of the country and society, and refining the knowledge of our institution with the wisdom and perception.

Seventy-one years have passed since its foundation in 1951, and the University has reached a period of maturity. Now, it will open its doors to a new era of this dynamic future in order to become a pivotal university in Korea by working hand in hand with the local community. It will move on to the next century expanding on the spirit of coexistence by synergizing harmony and cooperation.

We will do our best to make Chungbuk National University a wonderful place where students can make their dreams come true, the faculty can feel proud of their impact, and the staff can show their best capacity. Thank you very much.