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Living in Cheongju

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Local Bus

Local buses run within the city, to the outer section of the city, and from Cheongju to Sangdang mountain fortress, and Myeongam mineral spring. The bus fare within the city is 1,150 won and when passengers go to the outer section, they are charged the bus fare applicable to the section.


  • Confirm your destination before you board the bus(carefully read the local bus schedule)
  • After entering the front door, deposit coins to the free fare box or touch commuter's card to the card reader respectively. (in case of using commuter's card, you can enjoy free transfer service, if you want free transfer service, don't forget to touch your commuter's card to the card reader installed by the exit gate, free transfer service is only one time available for transferring another bus within 30 minutes after getting off the previous bus.)
  • You can hear the guidance broadcasting of bus stops in the bus. When you hear your destination, you can press the stop button near the window.
  • Exit through the back door when the bus stops.

Express Bus

Reference : Gagyeong-dong Express Bus Terminal ☎ 82-43-238-8880
The express bus connects with Seoul, Busan, Daegu, Gwangju and other main cities across the country, and you can purchase bus tickets in advance

Inter-city Bus

Reference : Gagyeong-dong Intercity Bus Terminal ☎ 82-43-1688-4321
The inter-city bus connects with Gongju, Buyeo, Suwon, Seongnam and other local cities across the country. It's convenient for long journies and also has a direct route to Incheon International Airport

※ This bus runs between Cheongju City and Incheon International Airport


Minimum fare is 2,800 won for 2 kilometers. Travelling beyond 2km, an additional charges apply. Extra fare is also charged after 12 p.m


Local train run from Cheongju Station.

  • Cheongju Train Station ☎ 82-43- 238- 8800
    • This station runs Chungbuk train line connecting with Chungju, Jecheon, Daejeon.
  • Osong Train Station ☎82-43-1544-7788
  • Korea railroad [ homepage link ]


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