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College of Humanities

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Literature, history, philosophy and youth are alive.

The College of Humanities was founded in 1979 for the purpose of fostering experts in the humanities and promoting democratic citizens.

In order to develop students’ intelligence and character, we encourage them to conduct research on the meaning and value of human life in the information age of the 21st century by providing various programs in both subject and non-subject areas. We also encourage them to focus on a deep reflection and systematization of our cultural heritage, foreign languages and cultures.

We provide the best curriculum by having major and minor courses in each area of the humanities and offer graduate school programs so that students can get a master’s degree and/or a Ph.D. degree. The College of Humanities organized the curriculum focusing on academic theorization and creative research practice and it consists of the following departments: Department of Korean Language & Literature, Department of Chinese Languae & Literature, Department of English Language & Literature, Department of German Language and Literature, Department of French Language & Literature, Department of Russican Language & Literature, Department of Philosophy, Department of History and Department of Archaeology and Art History