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College of Social Sciences

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becomes the light of modern society.

The College of Social Sciences was founded in 1978 for the purpose of fostering competent professional human resources that the modern Korean society needs, and its main curriculum is focused on exploring scientific theories about human and society and their practical application.

In order to give scientific explanations to all the phases such as politics, economy and administration of the Korean society and to search for policy prescriptions to solve posed social problems as well as to provide an understanding of the behavior of individuals living in society and organizaton, it consists of the following five departments based on specializaton and division of labor: Department of Sociology, Department of Psychology, Department of Public Administration, Department of Public Science & International Studies and Deparment of Economics. We are working to foster our students’ flexible and scientific thinking to understand social phenomena and solve social problems by transferring expertise and refinement to them.

In particular, we emphasize the field education and hands-on training required to solve a number of real-life problems that our country and community demand. We are equipped with multimedia rooms, advanced classrooms, experimental laboratories and reference rooms in preparation for globalization and informatization.