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College of Business

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makes creative and ethical global management experts.

Founded in 1987, the College of Business started with four departments: Department of Business, Department of Accounting, Department of International Business and Department of Management Information, and its recruitment unit has been changed to School of Business, School of International Business and Information Systems since 2002 after the faculty system was introduced in 1999. Currently, it consists of School of Business, Department of International Business and Department of Management Information Systems that reflect the rapidly changing environment and thus have a comprehensive aspect to carry forward the balanced development.

Our excellent faculty in each major field of study are working hard for the development of department with in-depth research and lectures and are also greatly contributing to the industry-university cooperation.

The university has established undergraduate programs, master’s and doctoral degree programs and a graduate school of business to function as a leading university in the region and contribute to the development of the country and the community by faithfully performing the university’s original mission of research, education and social services through the establishment of scholarship funds and efficient support of student activities.

Business school graduates are getting jobs at leading companies in various fields, such as financial, insurance, government-invested institutions, the media and civil servants and are also working as professional freelancers to broadly engage in all walks of life by obtaining a certificate for a public accountant and a tax accountant, etc.