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College of Engineering

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leads the knowledge-based era by informatization, specialization and globalization.

Since its establishment was approved in 1967, the College of Engineering has now grown to include two schools (School of Civil Engineering and School of Engineering) and eight departments (Department of Chemical Engineering, Department of Advance Materials Engineering, Department of Architectural Enginering, Department of Safety Engineering, Department of Environmental Engineering, Department of Engineering Chemistry, Department of Urban Engineering and Department of Architecture) where 3,400 students are designing their future.

We are working on these projects: BK21 Plus, a research-based specialized project for graduate education supported by the Ministry of Education, a pilot project for the promotion of local leading universities, a support project for innovative engineering education, a research village project supported by the Small and Medium Business Administration (the field of beauty and bioindustry), a professional personnel training in earthquake and disaster prevention field supported by the Ministry of Public Administration and Security, a professional personnel training in disaster management field and a technology development project based on extreme emergency management. In so doing, we are fostering engineers with the international competitive power required by the informatization and knowledge-based era and are pursuing a future-oriented educational ideology under the banner of informatization, specializatoin and globalizaton so that we can produce the human resources who can contribute to the country and the society.