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College of Electrical & Computer Engineering

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leads the world’s ICT sector.

The College of Electronic Information was designated as a national university in semiconductor and information industry in 1994, when it started as School of Electrical and Electronic Engineering equipped with the highest education environment in which there were six majors: electricity, electronics, control, semiconductor, telecommunication, electric wave engineering. The School of Electrical & Electronic Computer Engineering was established as a separate school in 1999; the College of Electrical and Computer Engineering was establish in 2009, which was the first national university to integrate the departments in IT.

Currently, the college consists of three schools and two departments (School of Electrical Engineering, School Electronics Engineering, School of Information and Communication Engineering, Department of Computer Engineering and Department of Computer Science) and is fostering the human resources with creativity, professionalism and leadership with an educational vision of becoming a leading university in ICT.

The College of Electrical and Computer Engineering is committed to the curriculum to strengthen practical business skills and field adaptability and is also offering various scholarship systems and foreign language education and summer/winter crash courses for finding empoyment. In particular, the college is conducting short- and long-term overseas training programs by operating student exchange programs with various universities in the United States, Canada, Australia, etc. and is also providing education with sense of realism by inviting experts with extensive hands-on experience as adjunct professors.