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College of Agriculture, Life & Environment Sciences

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becomes a big learning place where we learn the importance of life.

The College of Agriculture, Life & Environment Sciences is the original name for Chungbuk National University that opened as Cheongju Junior Agricultural College in 1951 and is currrently in charge of leading other collegies. It consists of three schools (Crop Science, Enviromental & Biological Chemistry, Food Science & Biotechnology, Animal Science, Plant Medicine, Industrial Plant Science & Technology, and Horticultural Science) and five departments and the talented faculty and excellent students from a total of 12 departments are committed to studying for the future of our country’s agriculture. Also, it has been supporting a high level of education, research and external support for securing food and conserving the environment, such as investigation of animal and plant life functions for “advanced technology and science of agriculture” which is the global motto, continous biological production and environmental conservation by living things.

Agriculture not only produces the food that is indispensible to human biology, but also it is an industry that supplies industrial raw materials for other industries: therefore, it is so important that it holds a dominant position in comparison value from the perspective of national security.

The College of Agriculture, Life & Environment Sciences is fostering human resources for the purpose of contributing to the development of the country and the society by systematically acquiring the technology necessary for the creation of life, environment, resources and creative skills required for human existence and national independence and for the creation and industrialization of production base of eco-friendly and functional high-value agricultural products.