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College of Human Ecology

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enhances the quality of life through human and life research.

The College of Human Ecology, which was conceived as Department of Home Economics, received the government approval for its establishment in 1991 and is currently composed of five departments (Department of Food and Nutrition, Department of Child Welfare, Department of Fashion Design Information, Department of Housing and Interior Design, and Department of Consumer Studies) and is the only comprehensive college across the country to have all sectors of life science.

The college aims to foster the creative human resources of convergent lifestyles that will lead the future society by conducting scientific investigation of the dynamic interaction between human and environment and by operating the curriculum that enables practical applications from the perspective of human ecology. It also provides professional knowledge and on-site training tailored to the society at the same time, focusing on applicability, glocalization, leadership and practical capabilities of professionalism as well as improving the quality of life and problem solving as a result of social changes. All the departments offer general graduate school programs (master’s, doctoral, and combined master’s and doctoral programs) for in-depth professional education, and the graduate school of education is also offered for such majors as technical and home education, early childhood education, and nutrition education.

With regard to the affiliated institutions of the College of Human Ecology, we have Institute of Living Science, which was established to continue its study of living science, and Affiliated Nursery School, which offers an opportunity for quality child care to infants and toddlers in nearby areas. The College of Human Ecology is working together to establish an industry-university cooperation system and conduct associated activities with the community. It participates in LINC+business of the Ministry of Education and actively carries forward various industry-university cooperation programs associated with the industry to strengthen students’ employment capacity, and, as an entrusted business associated with Cheongju City, it operates Support Center for Healthy Family and Multicultural Family and Children’s Food Mangement Support Center in Cheongju City to expand support for community life education, living culture innovation, and public services.