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College of Pharmacy

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fosters holistic professional pharmacologists.

The College of Pharmacy started in 1956 as Department of Pharmacy. Pharmacy is the study that deals with biological phenomena on the basis of basic science, such as physics, biology and chemistry and is an applied science and a comprehensive life science that studies biologically active substances affecting these biological phenomena.

The purposes of pharmacy education are to polish up one’s academic theories and a wide range of skills on the invention, production, management, evaluation and supply of medicine and medical supplies that are directly and indirectly used in the prevention and treatment of various diseases and on the application of medicine to the patient, clinical application, medical information, health hygiene for disease prevention and to have leadership qualities, social ethics and sense of duty in order to foster the human resources who will play a pivotal role in life science.

Therefore, the purpose of education in the college of pharmacy is to foster holistic pharmacists and pharmacologists with research skills in these areas: health and medical treatment such as designing and preparing for the patient; manufacturing medicine and medical supplies such as the development, production, manufacturing and management of medicine and medical supplies.